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About Us

Pure Life Meditation was started by husband and wife Jillian and Billy Avey to make it easier for others to get started in meditation and stay inspired to sit. 

Jillian, president: I started meditation in 2008 during the most stressful part of my life. It was the Great Recession and I had been laid off just 8 months after moving across the country for the job and buying a new house. Then, my husband Billy got cancer while I was working at a new job I hated. Add to that, another move, this time to Vermont and another new job. And, 
one of my family members started the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program which motivated me to join Al-Anon and follow the 12-step program myself. Through that challenging time, meditation helped me find peace, compassion, and contentment in my life.

I have been meditating ever since. It has given me a greater understanding of who I am and connected me in a new way to everything and everyone around me. I have done two 10-day retreats with the Vipassana Meditation Center and a multitude of classes with Shambhala, Zen Mountain Center and the Insight Meditation Society. It took me a long time to gain the confidence in this new way of thinking but now that I have, I realize it's a way to be truly happy, no matter what life throws at you. 

Everyone struggles with challenges in their life from being over-busy to facing terrible hardships to trying find happiness in this crazy world. This small act of sitting has had such a positive impact on my life; I hope it does for you, too. 

Billy, operations manager: I will admit it, my wife got me into meditating. At first, I thought she was crazy but now I see what she was so excited about. I like meditation because it's a way you can relax almost anywhere, almost anytime. It's a very personal experience for me because I can go anywhere with it.

I tend to focus just on breathing and usually count, otherwise I am only thinking. It feels like washing my mind if I can just stop thinking for a few moments. I am definitely not a master meditator but I keep working at it each day. I never have to perfect it but I always practice it!